Duilio Barnabè



Bologna 1914-1961 French Alps. Duilio Barnabè was born in Bologna in 1914. Early on, it was clear that he was to be an artist. During his student years, he studied for a time with the Bolognese artist Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964). In 1946, Barnabè and his young wife, Angiola, who also was from Bologna, left for Paris. In Paris, Barnabè’s earlier works (1946-1953) were clearly influenced by Picasso, however, he was heavily influenced by great Italian artistic traditions as well. In particular, his work was descended from a sense of monumentality first developed by Andrea Mantegna (Padua 1431-1506 Mantua), an artist who came from the same Venetia region of Italy as the forefathers of Barnabè.